Living My Life in 10 Days!

The candid and simple journey of a stage-four pancreatic cancer patient

Months Survived: 42 😎️

How does someone grieve?

Cancer survivors can help their loved ones cope with grief. It is the anniversary of Pastor Tim’s death and the interim pastor, Pastor Don, led a sermon about grief. Pastor Tim was my next-door neighbor and previous owner of my dog, Riley. How does someone teach about grief? As I am trying to cope with … Continue reading How does someone grieve?


The invisible heroes for cancer survivors Shame on me that it took over a year to dedicate a whole post just for my caretakers. In my defense, I have thanked my caregivers throughout this entire blog, in many different posts. But, it’s time I scream it from the mountaintop: To be a caregiver is a … Continue reading Caretakers

I’m Not a Hero

I’m just someone surviving pancreatic cancer. I don’t mind being your role model for living with pancreatic cancer or any cancer. My Mom died from lung cancer. And yes, she was a smoker, like so many people in the 50’s and 60’s –  smoking and evening cocktails was a cultural way of life. To me … Continue reading I’m Not a Hero

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4 thoughts on “Living My Life in 10 Days!”

  1. Thank you for sharing Kathy. Your questions, thoughts, frustrations, strength and honesty will help many of those on the same path and help those of us who are not to be better listeners and support groups. Positive thoughts and prayers are always with you. Terry

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  2. My husband was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has spread to his liver. We have an appointment with the oncologist Tuesday after next. I’m so terribly afraid as to what the future holds for him.

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